Born and raised in the middle of the "Heartland", Stanwood, Iowa is our home and the home of Myde Boxers and Myde Boarding Kennels.

We purchased our first boxer, "Boots" in 1987 from Audrey Gerhardy. Audrey was a well known breeder, handler and judge. We purchased "Boots" solely for a pet and to enjoy obedience. As for obedience......well, in the typical Boxer fashion that we all know and love, she obeyed commands as they suited her, not us. She knew all the commands, but chose to express her compliance through the typical boxer thought process, looking at us as if to say, "You told me to stay, now you want me to what? I don't think so, you come to me!!! Boots turned out to be a wonderful pet and surrogate grandma to several of our past Champions. We lost her to cancer in 1998, she will always be in our hearts and we will be forever thankful to Boots for getting us hooked on Boxers.

Audrey Gerhardy became my mentor. She introduced me to Deborah Clark and Marcia Adams of Vancroft Boxers, who eventually blessed us with our foundation bitch, first Champion and our love, "Karmen", Vancroft's Just In Time. She was better known to her goods friends and handlers, Laura King Krickeberg, Jerry and Dot Bryant as "The Bitch".

Deborah Clark and Marcia Adams soon became not only the best mentors anyone could ask for, but forever friends. Dot and Jerry Bryant of Interlude Boxers have also been great mentors to me and proven to be true and honest people, loved and respected by our entire family. Deborah Clark and Dot Bryant have been co-owners on many dogs that I have bred and shown, always keeping true to their word.

After several years of showing and breeding boxers, I was delighted and highly complimented when Deborah Clark offered me the position of Manager at Vancroft Kennels in Florida in the summer of 1998. As manager, it was my duty to run the kennels and assist with a joint breeding program. I accepted the challenge.

It was my privilege to assist in a training and conditioning program for CH Vancroft's Primetime SOM "OD" and CH Holly Lane's Creme De Mente "Bailey" for the 1999 American Boxer Club Specialty, where Vancroft Boxers won BOB with "OD" and also had the great pleasure of seeing Bailey, whom they had purchased from Holly Lane's Kennel, go BOS. What a thrill!

I truely have been blessed with great mentors and even greater friends. Our love for the breed will always have a special place in our hearts, and we will always have a Boxer in our home, if not several.

We are continually striving for good solid temperaments, health and conformation. We health test all breeding stock. Heart, Hips and Thyroid. All are DNA registered with AKC.

Please come in and let us share the joy of our Boxers and take the tour through our past, present and future Myde Boxers. Please sign our guestbook before you leave so we will have record of your visit.

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